What Happened to the Gadget Shop?

The gadget shop is no longer open, so the question is, what happened to the store? MyBroadband contacted Van der Walt, the store’s owner, for an answer. Van der Walt confirmed that the shop is closed. But, he did not say why. He did not respond to MyBroadband’s request for comment. The Gadget Shop closed as a result of its bankruptcy, so it’s unclear why it was shut down.

MyTechDomestic scam

MyTechDomestic, a popular website that sells fake and expensive technology gadgets, first surfaced online in April. Since then, it has been slowly creeping into the recommended advertising space. The site’s operator has not responded to requests for comment. But there are other ways to spot the scam. Here are some of them. Listed below are some things to look out for. But, don’t let them fool you – these sites do exist!


A few months ago, the MyTechDomestic gadget shop was closed. Its website featured a large selection of branded and premium gadgets priced below their normal prices. The website was well maintained and featured a dedicated Contact Us page. It even featured a contact phone number for customers to reach out to the company. It’s a shame that the store closed after such a long time, but a review can’t tell us why the website was closed.

Placed in administration

The company has gone into administration because it has accumulated debts of PS3 million. The business also failed to meet expectations due to a slump in sales over the festive period. The owners wanted to sell the chain but two of the owners – Freeserve founder Peter Wilkinson and trader John Wood – opposed the move. A court hearing was held last week and the company has been placed under the management of administrators.


The Gadget Shop has announced its closure, as the retailer faces financial problems. The company closed two Midland stores and 10 outlets in the UK after failing to attract a buyer. The retailer’s closure is the latest in a string of retail store closures after PKF accountants failed to find a buyer for the business. According to reports, the business will be closed for four weeks while closing down sales take place to raise money for creditors.

Potential bidders walked away

The owners of the Gadget Shop put it into administration last March, because it was struggling to cope with soaring debts. The chain’s sales also slowed during Christmas, and its debts now total about pounds 3 million. Despite the difficulties, the preferred bidder is expected to complete the deal this week. However, a potential bidder has walked away from the store.

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