What Gadgets Does Batman Have?

It’s no secret that Batman has many cool gadgets. From Bat-Cuffs to Bat-Guns, Tranquilizers, and more, here is everything you ever wanted to know about his gadgets. Luckily, we’re going to cover every one of them so you can see which ones he really needs. But before we get into those, let’s look at the other gadgets Batman has.


The utility belt of Batman is stocked with Bat-Cuffs, which are a set of specialized handcuffs that restrain his captured enemies until police arrive. In real life, Bat-Cuffs can also be used for temporary health restoration while on the job. The two types of handcuffs are different and work differently in video games. While they are useful, the gadgets are not always ideal.


One of the many gadgets Batman owns is the Bat-Gun. This weapon is a spray bottle that doubles as a detonator. It fires powerful bolts of electricity that can overload electrical devices, like televisions. It can also be used remotely to disable firearms and deactivate explosives. These gadgets allow Batman to shut down his enemies instantly. These gadgets are often useful against larger enemies, such as supervillains.


The flamethrower is one of the gadgets that Batman uses to battle crime. While it can cause significant damage, it also can be used for deception. In the 1990s, Batman added a flamethrower to his suit, which he could fire out of his arm. While Batman was still able to use his shuriken launcher, the flamethrower was more effective at setting him on fire.


In Batman comics, the dark knight often uses tranquilizers to stop mobs. The drug is a synthetic tranquilizer that can have a variety of effects on the body, such as elevated blood pressure and irrational fear. It also causes phantom behaviors and panoramic illusions. These drugs are closely related to deliriants like atropine. They are administered by needle puncture. While tranquilizers are not particularly effective, they are relatively safe.

Shock gloves

In his latest comic book series, Batman has shock gloves. The electric gauntlets can power generators, activate certain devices, and unlock barriers. These gloves also let Batman access Enigma’s Datapacks. In a screenshot from Batman Arkham Origins, he is holding the electric glove against his neck. While the effect of these gloves on the enemy isn’t completely clear, they do seem to have a lot of utility.


Did you know that Batman has a Taser? Did you know that he can use it to temporarily stun his foes? The Bat-Taser is the Bat’s primary weapon and was also used by Nightwing, a member of the Justice League. This weapon is a common graphic attack for the character, and it was even used in the video game, Injustice 2.

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