Darlene Cavalier Science CheerleaderRecently, I had the pleasure of participating at a Story Collider event at the fabulous Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. The event, IAmScience, marked Story Collider’s two year anniversary with “a massive event on the twisted and unorthodox paths to careers in science.”
Hundreds of people turned out for an evening of stories, videos, and as a special treat: Music by The Amygdaloids — “by day: scientists, by night: rock stars singing songs about love and life peppered with insights drawn from research about mind and brain and mental disorders.”
Stories were shared by:
Darlene Cavalier, a former professional cheerleader, had always felt like science wasn’t for people like her. But then a chance conversation leads her to learn more about science, and even more about cheerleaders, than she ever imagined.
David Dobbs, Science writer: When science writer David Dobbs is suddenly unable to remember how to drive his kids to school, he sets off on a quest to understand his own brain, and makes a shocking discovery.
Joy Hirsch, Neuroscientist
Joe LeDoux, Neuroscientist and leader of The Amygdaloids The Amygdaloids are a New York City band made up of scientists who shed their scientific garb at night and take to the stage with songs about love and life peppered with insights drawn from research about mind and brain and mental disorders. NYU neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux, a pioneer in the study of the brain mechanisms of emotion and memory, is the lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist.
Here’s a podcast of my story if you’d like to hear it:

This month, Story Collider will present stories from people who *didn’t* become scientists — “people who got in titanic battles with science, who skirted the edge of the unscientific backwaters, or who struggled mightily to keep the relationship with science going, and failed.”
Join The Story Collider for “I’m Not Science,” six stories of people who’s lives went other ways. Jun 20th, 8pm at Union Hall, in Brooklyn.

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